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the performance factory helps managers, future managers and  organisations increase performance through best-in-class Strategy  Execution.

It’s all about Strategy Execution!

You have worked hard to come up with a great strategy for your company, division or team. The ambition creates excitement, investments have been approved, and you are motivated to take the next step − but…

… does your organisation have the power to turn that great strategy into great performance?

In many cases, the answer to this question is, unfortunately, no. International research shows that companies lose between 40% and 60% of their potential performance while trying to execute their strategy.

We are committed to helping you - and your organisation - turn that great strategy into 100% performance.

You will see that we offer many things and we’ve helped a wide spectrum of individuals and organisations all over the world.

But it all boils down to 1 thing: boost your performance through better execution of your strategy.

More performance return from the same strategy!

What Strategy Execution information will you find here?

Whatever brought you here, we hope you find this site interesting, informative, perhaps even inspiring! ... and, above all, helpful.

Go ahead and start browsing – and please do send us your comments!

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Strategy Execution News

Some forthcoming master classes and speaker events

  • 29 April, joint session with Prof. Rita McGrath at Strategy Leaders, Dubai
  • 3-4 May, Strategy Execution Master Class, Abu Dhabi
  • 19 May, keynote Strategy Execution Summit, Washington
  • 27-28 May, In-company Strategy Workshop Kluwer Europe, Paris
  • 4 June, Strategy Execution Keynote, Luxembourg (TBC)
  • 8-10 June, Strategy Execution Master Class, Tias, The Netherlands
  • 12 June, keynote leadership forum AXA, Brussels
  • 18-19 June, Strategy Execution workshop, Mexico
  • 17 July, Strategy Workshop, Stockholm
  • 29 July, keynote Strategy Summit, Sri Lanka
  • 24 - 25 August, Strategy Execution Master Class with Certification, Brussels
  • 1 September, Inspiration session Strategy Execution, Tias, The Netherlands
  • 3 September, Strategy Execution workshop, Barcelona
  • 17 September, keynote, The Netherlands
  • 25 September, Corporate University KBC, Brussels
  • 6 October, IAB Congress, Brussels
  • 12 October, Strategy Execution Tias Executive program, The Netherlands
  • 15 October, keynote Performance Management, Cubewise event, Sydney 
  • 18 November, Strategy Execution, Tasmania
  • 19 – 20 November, Strategy Execution Master Class with Certification, Sydney
  • 23 November, Keynote, ICG event, Sydney
  • 25 November, Strategy Leaders, Qatar 
  • 30 Nov – 2 Dec, Strategy Execution Master Class, Tias, The Netherlands
  • 9 December, Corporate University, Engie, Brussels
  • 28 – 29 January, Strategy workshop, Mexico 

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