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Strategy Execution Heroes – Certification Program

Strategy execution is turning into a mature knowledge domain like Human Resources experienced in the ’70’s and ‘80’s and IT in the ’90’s and ‘00’s. More and more organizations realize strategy execution isn’t limited to a few individuals in the program management office. Executing strategy is part of every leader’s role.  

To provide leaders with the necessary skills to execute the company strategy, we’ve developed a specific program. The main objective: to boost the strategy execution skills of your leaders.

The highlights

  • In-company Strategy Execution Certification Program 
  • Delivered anywhere in the world. Over the last 2 years, we have run the program in 10 countries, reaching out to 1,750+ leaders. 
  • Tailored to middle managers, providing them with practical, proven tips and techniques to master strategy execution.
  • 4 core modules (0.75 day each) that can be delivered at once or spread over a 2-year period. 
  • Possibility to extend the program with advanced modules.
  • Possibility to include tailor-made content based on the company strategy.  
  • Possibility to run the program as a stand-alone or seamlessly integrated into the existing leadership program.  
  • The program is also part of the executive program at the TiasNimbas Business School in the Netherlands, ranked in the top 65 business schools in the world. 


1. The Strategy Execution Heroes Program is highly flexible:  

  • Can be tailored where needed, integrating company content and concepts 
  • Can be delivered in a single session or spread over time
  • Can be integrated into existing leadership track

2. The Strategy Execution Heroes Program is cost and time-effective:

  • We come to you, anywhere in the world
  • We designed the program so we can handle large groups 
  • The program is compact and classroom time-limited
  • We offer the possibility to run the program over a longer period of time   

3. The Strategy Execution Heroes Program is highly regarded:

  • We’ve trained over 1,750 managers under this program alone
  • Our modules are used by top business schools
  • Membership to the Execution Heroes Community for life

Core modules

Here’s an example of a program. Download brochure 

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