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Tailor-made, practical Strategy Execution support − with you in the driver’s seat

  • Ready to implement your new strategy?
  • Difficulties managing all your strategic initiatives?
  • Trouble aligning financial and individual objectives in the fast-changing environment?
  • Need some help aligning your strategy between business and support units?
  • Struggling with selecting the right KPIs for your business?
  • Curious to find out what you can do to improve your execution capabilities?

Over the years, our team has tackled all of these situations (and many more). We’ve been involved in many different types of projects, each with its own Strategy Execution challenges.

We love these challenges!

And when we work with you to tackle your challenge, we don’t take over – like many traditional consultants tend to do – we keep you in the driver’s seat.

We like to keep it practical, too. So you won’t get a big, fancy ‘strategic report’  for your filing cabinet − instead, we provide you with practical advice and proven methodologies you can use immediately.

As one of our clients, Jean Sonneville, once said beautifully: “You are all about turning the PowerPoint into practice.”

So, how may we help you?

Perhaps a review of your strategy execution process…

… as we did with ING South West Europe. ING launched an ambitious Winning Performance programme. We helped the South West Europe region implement a best-in-class performance management process. Two years into the partnership, here is what they say:

“After a full review and redesign of our performance management cycle, we developed an ambitious plan to become best-in-class in strategy execution. Our plan is based on 3 crucial guiding principles: respect for the manager’s perspective, alignment of the organisational and individual performance cycles and - last but not least - go slow, but steady.

Now, 18 months down the road, the results are remarkable! An improved alignment between our strategic, budgetary and individual cycles, a systematic monitoring of our strategic progress through the implementation of structured scorecards in our departments and a dramatic improvement in the quality of our managers’ individual objectives … and the team is great to work with!”

Guy Beniada, CFO
ING South-West Europe

…or some help in cascading your strategy...

Translating your strategy into operational terms across all organisational layers is a conditio sine qua non for achieving your strategic goals. Here’s an example of the work we did for the Belgian Food Administration.

“After integrating several departments into an integrated monitoring body called the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC), we launched a large-scale improvement project under the name Food@Work. The processes of the FASFC were improved through a set of over 40 initiatives. From defining the initiatives to implementing them, we worked hand-in-hand with the consultants, under the guidance of the Federal Public Service Personnel and Organisation. Together, we brought this challenge to a successful conclusion. The results are something to see.”

Piet Vanthemsche, former Executive Director FASFC,
current Chairman of the Boerenbond

…or the introduction of a tested approach to selecting and managing your strategic initiatives…

Take the European IT division of Electrabel (part of the GDFSuez group). The newly appointed CIO and his management team formulated a very challenging 3-year strategic plan for achieving their ambitious goals.

Here are the two questions they asked at the start: ‘Can you give us some help translating our current plans into a structured set of projects? And can you coach us during the implementation?’ Then, 3 years later, they gave us this feedback:

“As one of the largest IT divisions in the country, we knew we were facing a huge challenge. Creating increased value for our customers, while reducing IT cost by 30% and simultaneously preparing a pan-European services model was our 3 year target. We wanted to take the leadership with the management team, but also needed professional and discrete help to set-up and execute our ambitious 3-year Creating Value in Challenging Times program.

More than 120 initiatives where prioritized, selected and grouped into 30 manageable programs. The consultants successfully supported and actively coached the management team, our managers and project managers all along the journey, by providing practical advice, tested solutions and methodologies that definitely contributed to the realization of our goals. The hands-on and co-management approach really made a difference!  Highly recommended”

Ludo Van den Kerckhove, former CIO Electrabel,
GDFSuez group

…and how about aligning individual objectives with your overall strategy…

“Our bi-annual Honda associate survey indicated a need for an improved and transparent performance management process. The consultants guided us in defining and implementing a new process focusing on SMART objective setting and a more transparent individual evaluation process. After finalizing the objective setting step, we are now confident that we have a performance management process in place that will help us to strengthen our employee motivation during these challenging times.”

Dirk Roels, General Manager Operations
Honda Access Europe

... or strengthening your strategy communication capabilities.

Whatever the Strategy Execution challenge, our support can take several formats − from telephone coaching to a multi-team on-site task force − depending on your specific needs and budget, and the availability of our resources.

Interested in discussing your challenge with us? Contact us.

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