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Jeroen De Flander is an internationally sought-after professional speaker who educates people on strategy and Strategy Execution. Here is a brief biography of Jeroen De Flander.

Jeroen's speaking style is down-to-earth, insightful and energetic. Depending on the audience and requirement, he covers strategy and Strategy Execution from the 10,000 feet level all the way down to the step-by-step. Previous talks range from those of 45 minutes to a full two-day programme. (Don't worry, he allows for regular breaks). His engagements have so far taken him to 30 countries around the world speaking to 21000+ people.

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There are infinite possibilities, depending on your particular requirements. Maybe you would like to stress the importance of strategy and/or Strategy Execution to a group? Or you're planning on organising a Strategy Execution Day? Or you want to spice up an executive training session or strategy launch? Need a facilitator for the annual strategy meeting with your executive team? Or perhaps you're looking for an external speaker for a corporate or industry event?

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In order to give you some ideas of content, take a look at the list below. We have added some popular keywords as a guide.

Strategy and Strategy Execution - the helicopter view

1. The end of strategy tourism: a 2020 outlook  NEW!
This session was recently created for the Next Generation Strategy event in Cairo where Jeroen shared the stage with Prof Michael Porter (Harvard), the godfather of business strategy. In this session, Jeroen takes you on a journey into the future. He shows the future of Strategy Execution, how your company could benefit from these insights and what you need to do today to beat your competitors.

  • A peek into the future of Strategy Execution
  • A 2020 outlook on execution, a crucial business topic
  • How to build a best-in-class execution platform today to outperform your competitors in the future

Categories: peak performance / strategy / leadership / 2020

2. Strategy Execution: your next competitive advantage?
Did you know that most companies lose between 40-to-60 percent of their strategic potential during implementation? Do you know how well your company, department or team is executing strategy? Based on the largest Strategy Execution research in the world - the Strategy Execution Barometer - Jeroen will open the Strategy Execution black box and reveal the pitfalls and how to overcome them.

  • A wake-up call to focus on execution
  • Learn to locate the execution gaps in your organisation
  • Get a clear roadmap on how to close them
  • All participants get a free copy of the Strategy Execution Barometer

Categories: peak performance / strategy / leadership / innovation

3. The new leaders: Strategy Execution heroes
For many leaders, creating a strategy is the easy part, turning a PowerPoint presentation into practice is the bigger challenge. Jeroen explains why solid Strategy Execution is so hard to achieve. He also shows you how successful leaders get things done and what you can do to become an outstanding leader. This session is based on his Amazon bestseller Strategy Execution Heroes.

  • Why true leadership demands great execution skills
  • The 8 - a simple, sexy framework to execute flawlessly
  • Insights and tips to become a Strategy Execution hero

Categories: peak performance / leadership / motivation

4. Strategy is a dirty word
This session is especially designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Many of them find 'strategy' a dirty word - something for big organisations only. Most of them therefore don't spend enough time thinking and talking about strategy which results in hard, but not always smart work. Jeroen helps steer you through the minefield of expensive strategy words and shows how small business owners can benefit from pragmatic strategic thinking.

  • How entrepreneurs should deal with strategy and its execution
  • Practical tips to building a strategy for an SME
  • Learn to connect strategy with marketing

Categories: peak performance / strategy / entrepreneurship / motivation / leadership

5. Strategy Execution master class
Strategy Execution is a rapidly maturing business domain and new opportunities arrive every day. This session is geared towards the Strategy Execution professionals - consultants, IT providers, internal consultants, programme management officers etc - all who have to stay on top of their game in the knowledge arena. This is the Strategy Execution master class.

  • Where is the Strategy Execution industry going in the next five-to-10 years?
  • What will (internal) clients be expecting?
  • How can I improve the offering to my (internal) clients?

Categories: peak performance / strategy / entrepreneurship / 2020

Strategy and Strategy Execution - specific topics

Here are some examples of the most popular singular Strategy Execution topics. Need more help? Send an email to speaker@the-performance-factory.com

6. Communicate your strategic ideas effectively
Communication, and strategy communication in particular, is the Strategy Execution weak-spot in many organisations. Research shows that 83 percent of all employees are unhappy with strategy communication. Want to do better? In this session, Jeroen explains the 14 strategy communication barriers, why you need to aim for the head, heart and hands and how you can become a master communicator.

  • Understand the 14 communication barriers
  • Learn how to turn others into ambassadors of your ideas
  • How your message can reach the heads, hearts and hands of others

Categories: peak performance / communication / leadership / innovation

7. Confessions of a former strategy consultant
Jeroen De Flander, former Responsible Manager Worldwide of the Balanced Scorecard product line for Arthur D. Little, the oldest strategy consulting firm in the world, takes you on an exclusive VIP trip into the exciting world of strategy consulting.

  • A peek behind the scenes of a global strategy firm
  • Who are the lords of strategy and what can you learn from them?
  • Learn how to build your strategic-thinking skills

Categories: peak performance / motivational / leadership

8. Project management for strategists
Have you noticed that there are more project management courses than there are project managers? And those courses always focus on the mechanics of project management. In this session, Jeroen shows you the other side of project management - the boardroom perspective.

  • Why and how projects need to deliver future performance
  • How to pick the right projects
  • How to boost the success rate of your project portfolio

Categories: peak performance / strategy / leadership / innovation

9. The Balanced Scorecard: tips and tricks from the field
The Balanced Scorecard remains a Strategy Execution evergreen. This session has been around for quite some time and has been evolving ever since, based on new insights in the field. It you want a hands-on (no boring theory), insightful perspective on how to use the Balanced Scorecard, this is the session for you.

  • What are the seven things you should never do?
  • How to get the most out of a Balanced Scorecard in your organisation
  • Insights on scorecard automation

Categories: peak performance / strategy / innovation

10. Strategy commitment: the 5 levels of 'yes'
We hear and use the word 'yes' several times a day. After you have heard Jeroen speak, the word 'yes' will have a whole different meaning. This is one of the most popular keynote sessions where Jeroen reveals the power of commitment and motivation based on very recognisable business situations and the word 'yes'.

  • Learn to understand the true meaning of 'yes'
  • Find the answer to 'What's in it for me?'
  • How to get people enthusiastic about your ideas

Categories: peak performance / motivational / leadership

11. Coaching for leaders
Coaching is a crucial skill to help others reach peak performance. It's common practice in the sports world, but coaching in the business world is still on its way to maturity. In this session, Jeroen helps you to become a better coach based on his personal coaching experience - as a top executive coach but also as a coachee (he's a firm believer that everyone should have a coach and often says, "Even Federer still uses a coach in Grand Slam tournaments."). He also draws from 'Become a 3% Member' the chapter from Strategy Execution Heroes that he wrote with coaching guru Sir John Whitmore.

  • Learn the true value of coaching
  • Practical tips to take your coaching skills to the next level
  • Tap into Jeroen's personal experience as a coach and coachee

Categories: peak performance / motivational / leadership / communication & coaching

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