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A training or coaching journey created especially for you.

Want to brush up your performance management skills? Or are you looking for a tailor-made programme for your organisation? Or a coach to help you execute your new strategy?

We can help you with most skills related Strategy Execution requests. Over the years, we’ve built solid expertise in transferring Strategy Execution skills and knowledge. And if we’re not able to help you, we surely know someone who can.

Here are some of last year’s most popular training and coaching requests:

  • Can you help my managers become better at translating our company strategy to their departments? Training overview
  • Our associates do not fully grasp our strategy. Can you help us with our communication skills?
  • How can I develop my managers’ skills for managing several parallel initiatives?
  • I’ve been asked to implement a new strategy − which is a challenge for me. I don’t want a consultant who takes over my job, but a sounding-board from time to time would be greatly appreciated.
  • Can you help us improve the individual objective-setting skills of our managers?
  • How can I improve our managers’ coaching skills?
  • We need to improve our feedback skills. What’s the best way to do this?

We’ve tackled these requests (and more) for many firms – large and small – in a variety of industries. Our interventions range from anything from a couple of hours, weekly coaching sessions, to an 8-day programme.

We cover as much (or as little) as you like, include hard and/or soft skills, and deliver a standard or a customised programme.

Our Skills Booster can be targeted to an individual, a small group, or up to 10,000 people in an international context.

Some testimonials:

“As part of our European management development programme, our managers went through a hands-on experience of applying the Balanced Scorecard best practices in their respective units. The practical tools and methodologies combined with the passion and enthusiasm of the facilitators really helped us raising our management and leadership capabilities.”

Brigitte Bestgen, EU HR Training & Development
Bridgestone Europe

“Their simple yet pragmatic workshop based approach really made us think about how to formulate our mission, vision and values of our company and departments. As a result, we now use these new inspiring strategic concepts in all our communication channels as well as in our management development programs.”

Jos Windelinckx, Director Human Resources & General Affairs
SONY  Europe, location Belgium

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