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Improve your Strategy Execution capabilities

Use the research report data to assess the cornerstones of sound Strategy Execution including strategy communication, strategic initiative management, individual objective setting and pay-for-performance.

Compare yourself with leading companies such as HSBC, GDFSuez, 3M, Johnson & Johnson and Google. The report covers all major industries including financial services, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing and FMCG.

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Use the information in this report to build a solid action plan that will help you boost the execution capabilities of your team, division or company.

Get new ideas to boost your performance management
Find out what leading companies are doing today to improve their performance management. Access the latest trends via 30 key findings with additional analysis and comment by our experts.

The Strategy Execution Barometer™ provides a wealth of inspiration to improve the performance management practice in your organisation.

Go for the standard barometer or have it customised
The standard version of the barometer allows you to access practical, fact-based Strategy Execution market data. It offers a wealth of inspiration to turn your strategy into performance.

The customised version of the barometer allows you to benchmark your execution capabilities with the market average and industry peers or to your compare the execution strenghts and weaknesses across countries, business units or departments.

The standard version is a detailed report; available for purchase off-the-shelf. The customised version adds a comparison with your own execution capability via an online survey filled in by a sample of your managers.

Compare the two versions of the barometer:


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The Strategy Execution Barometer

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