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This book contains more than 300 tips, which you will find on almost every page. And you can download even more supporting material including self-assessments, examples, extra tips, reading lists and workshop guidelines. There are 39 downloads available.

If you have not yet bought the book but want to know what these downloads are all about, please have a look at the overview and example.

Download now. Overview of the 39 available downloads (pdf)
Download now. An example (pdf)

Download 35 is something special. It's a 60 min audio-recording from the Next Generation Strategy Event. Jeroen De Flander shared the stage with Prof. Michael Porter, Prof. Costas Markides and Roger Martin, three of the world's top 50 thinkers predicting strategic thinking in 2020. Check out the table of content of the session or listen to the first 8 minutes.

Listen to the first 8 minutes (mp3)
Watch a short video


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