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Strategy Execution is no longer 'the gap nobody knows'. Thanks to the authors Bossidy and Charan, Strategy Execution pioneers Kaplan and Norton and respected business magazines such as The Harvard Business Review, organisations have become very aware that much great strategy is lost before it's turned into performance mainly as a result of poor execution skills. The performance gap is known. And it's time to close it.

I've made it my mission to continue the work of these pioneers, to be a Strategy Execution ambassador promoting its importance and helping managers to acquire the right skills to get the execution job done.


I regularly write articles on my blog. Here's on overview of the best articles form the last 6 months

The 8 - introducing a sexy strategy execution framework

Are you a strategy tourist?

12 things every leader should know about strategy execution

11 tips to survive matrix structures

Why strategy execution becomes a priority for almost every CEO

12 tips to communicate your strategy

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9 reasons why the strategy Execution process often fails

I communicate the strategy because…

Do you know when to stop executing?

Here are some resources you might find useful:

Strategy Execution Heroes. Download two free chapters of my latest book.

6 free ebooks on strategy execution. Our ebooks have been downloaded 20,000+ times! Click to download your copy of our ebook It's all about Strategy Execution.

Next Generation Strategy. I spoke with Michael Porter, Costas Markides and Roger Martin at the Next Generation Strategy event in Egypt. This link will give you access to my presentation.

Master the Matrix. Almost everyone has one, most managers find it complex and it's hard to find no- nonsense advice on the topic. Here are 11 tips to boost the matrix structure in your organisation.

From PowerPoint to Practice. Presentation on Strategy Execution that I delivered in December for KUL alumni students.

Don't let the crisis hit you twice. 21 tips on how to prepare for recovery after the crisis. Let me know your thoughts.

Discussion with Michael Smith, VP Coca-Cola. If you haven't yet downloaded it from the book page, you might want to have a look at this article.

12 Strategy Execution insights. A more in-depth view of Strategy Execution.

The 8. A pragmatic Strategy Execution framework.

Interesting facts about Strategy Execution. One of most-viewed articles in the performance factory library. It's updated with reader feedback and the results of the survey.

10 actions you can take to improve your Strategy Execution capabilities in times of crisis. An article I wrote last year.

Interesting leadership resources (1). The Leadership Competences of the Management Standards Centre is a fully developed and freely accessible leadership framework. The standards are proven benchmarks of best practice in leadership.

Interesting leadership resources (2). A collection of papers on leadership from the Newcastle Business School.

Happiness. Dr Martin Seligman has been studying the link between competencies and personal satisfaction for years. On his website, you'll find a series of tests. I like the VIA Signature Strengths a lot and use it regularly in coaching sessions.

Vlerick research reveals: performance management #1 priority for CFOs. A discussion with Professor Filip Roodhooft.

Interesting project management resources on initiative management.

I'm always willing to hear new ideas on strategy and its execution. Feel free to connect via LinkedIn and let me know your thoughts.

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