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The Execution Shortcut

The Execution Shortcut

The Execution Shortcut

Why Some Strategies Take the Hidden Path to Success and Others Never Reach the Finish Line

The strategy journey to success is long and dangerous. Most strategies lose between 40 and 60 percent of their financial potential along the execution highway. There is a path that will make the trip dramatically shorter. It exists in every organization, but mostly stays hidden. With the help of science, we’ll uncover The Execution Shortcut. There are three prerequisites: (1) The Head connection—people need to be aware of your strategy; (2) The Heart connection—people need to care about your strategy; (3) The Hands connection—people need the energy to push your strategy forwards.  


"De Flander has added another chapter to the emerging science of strategy execution."

Professor Robert Kaplan, Harvard Business School & Dr David Norton

 "The Execution Shortcut is a fantastic read! It is full of wonderful advice and practical examples and explains in a clear and engaging style how to get your ideas or strategies implemented."

Costas Markides, Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, London Business School

 "The Execution Shortcut explains in an engaging way how Just Do It's don’t come automatically. It only happens when the mind is triggered, the heart inspired, and willpower strengthened."

Bert Stevens, Vice President Europe Operations, Nike

 "Jeroen De Flander has done it again!"

Paul Niven, Best-selling author Balanced Scorecard, Step-by-Step

 "The Execution Shortcut gives a refreshing insight into how to make your strategy a success on the work floor. I can recommend this book to any leader."

Patrick Bodart, Principal Director, European Patent Office

"Finally a book that provides quality advice and real examples for helping us get to strategic execution shortcuts. De Flander has done it again with The Execution Shortcut."

Phillip Shoemaker, Director Applications Technology, Apple

 "In the real world, it doesn't matter how good looking you are or how smart you are. What matters is getting things accomplished and that's what The Execution Shortcut is all about."

Bill Saubert, Senior Vice President Mastercard Advisors

 "In The Execution Shortcut, De Flander brilliantly illustrates why the path to success is a long and winding road, fraught with dangers and potential derailers. By taking his advice, we can accelerate execution and create lasting success in any enterprise—big or small."

Bart Sweerman, Managing Director, Enterprise & Public Sector EMEA, Cisco

 "Embrace heart, hands, and head and follow the execution path to the finish line."

Charles-Antoine Janssen, Board Member, UCB

 "The Execution Shortcut provides a down-to-earth approach to help leaders achieve where many fail—deliver the strategic plan."

Jan Lång, CEO, Ahlstrom

 "The Execution Shortcut offers a great roadmap to win in the new reality of business. Leaders at all levels can use these ideas to take their organization to a higher level of performance."

Jorge Inda Meza, Global Director of Strategic Innovation, AB InBev

"The Execution Shortcut gives brilliant tips on execution excellence."

Atul Jain, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics 

"The Execution Shortcut is a must read for every leader who wants to boost strategy commitment and guide others through the implementation maze."

Caroline Hillegeer, Senior Vice President Strategy, GDFSUEZ

 "I read this book on a long haul flight to the US, altitude 38,000 feet… but what I learned was applicable the day after. Down to earth, feet on the ground."

Rudi Nerinckx, Group Human Resources Director, Tessenderlo Group

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